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Biyografi: OCA was established in 1957 in the province of Cordoba in Argentina. It started as a management service for the company Industrias Kaiser Argentina. However, its headquarters moved to Buenos Aires in 1960. At that time, OCA uses a fleet of vehicles and other contracted transportations to deliver the mails.

After several years of serving the industry, OCA started to develop a new and advanced range of services focusing on technological content. This development leads the company to pioneer the First Private Mail in Argentina. Exxel Group then acquired it in 1997.

When it reached its 50th years, the company turns into a full expansion. It already has 150 branches across the country. It created more jobs for many people. Thus, its employment rate increased to 6,500 postal workers. Its fleet of vehicles also went up to 900, and it invested in various technological products to enhance its service. Their vehicles can reach the farthest locations and deliver the items in a timely manner.
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